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Premium Bimetal Bandsaw Blade

The premium bimetal band saw blades are a superior blade with high alloy, high speed M2 teeth and a spring steel back to provide flexibility and toughness in our blade. Bimetal blades are welded by an electron beam under high vacuum to attach the strip of high speed M2 teeth to the spring steel back.
The teeth are then ground into the M2 steel. The variable pitch combines regular teeth of different pitches, gullet depths, and set angles.
Variable pitch gives smoother cuts, faster sawing, improved chip clearance, and longer blade life. A win all around.
With this, noise and chatter are greatly reduced while cutting. Variable pitch blades can handle solid cutting as well as interrupted cutting such as tubing, etc. Bimetal blades will give lower cost for you per cut on tough sawing jobs.
These are primarily used for steel sawing, but also can be used for sawing non-ferrous materials and wood. Packaged in a carefully designed container to ensure safety and maintain sharpness and of course, it also carries our LIMITED LIFETIME WELD WARRANTY on every weld.

Bimetal Blade Specs


 10-14 Vari


 0.035 in.


 3/4 in.


 93 in.

Recommended for cutting mild steel or stainless steel
All SuperCut Bandsaw Blades are made in the USA.