Premium Gold Carbide

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Premium Gold Carbide

The Premium Gold Carbide Impregnated Resaw Blade was designed with the professional and serious woodworker in mind. It is truly a unique blade featuring many new advances in blade design.
Made from the toughest alloys, the teeth are precision ground and razor sharp, not punched or milled like traditional blades. During the manufacture of this blade, the teeth are impregnated with Carbide particles which greatly improve the cutting life of the blade.
The teeth also feature a new aggressive tooth design and set yet, the sides of the blade are polished smooth, and the back of the blade is smoothed to allow it to feed and turn with less heat and chatter. This blade is manufactured to the industry's highest standards. No less than 30 inspections and tests ensure that this is the best blade for the refined woodworker.

Premium Gold Carbide Specs


 3 TPI


 0.025 in.


 1/2 in.


 93 1/2 in.

Recommended for Wood
All SuperCut Bandsaw Blades are made in the USA.