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Premium Bimetal Bandsaw Blade

•SuperCut Premium Bimetal Bandsaw Blades are a superior blade with high alloy, high-speed M2 steel teeth and a spring steel back to provide flexibility and toughness in the blade.
•Bimetal blades will give lower cost per cut on tough sawing jobs.
•Bimetal blades are welded by a laser beam under high vacuum to attach the strip of high-speed M2 steel to the spring steel back.
•The teeth are then milled or ground into the M2 steel.
•These blades are the best option for production cutting of mild and stainless steels.
•They can be run at higher speeds up to 300 feet per minute with or without cooling.

Bimetal Blade Specs


 10-14 Vari


 0.025 in.


 1/2 in.


 64 1/2 in.

Recommended for cutting mild steel or stainless steel
High speed M2 steel teeth
All SuperCut Bandsaw Blades are made in the USA.