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(Actual Size of Packages: 11 3/4" x 16 1/2")

During the manufacture of this blade, the teeth are impregnated with carbide particles, making this a very durable blade which retains its sharpness even when resawing the hardest and toughest woods. This SuperCut blade is especially designed for resawing wood, particularly the hardwoods and other difficult to cut wood species. The narrow kerf conserves these expensive woods, giving you more yield from a block of lumber while the hard, sharp, carbide impregnated teeth maintain their sharpness and set.

There are two lines of WoodSaver Carbide Resaw Blades:

WoodSaver - available in any length, with 5/8" or 1" widths, .025" thickness, and 3 teeth per inch - These blades have a .035" cutting kerf.

WoodSaver Plus - available in any length, with 5/8" width, .025" thickness, and 3-4 Variable teeth per inch - This blade has a .030" cutting kerf. The WoodSaver Plus is even thinner and smoother cutting thanks to its variable pitch tooth design.

You will find that you can cut much straighter by using SuperCut BladeSaver Guide Blocks in your saw, as these blocks can be run with zero clearance on the blade, thus guiding the blade in a much straighter line.

Call 1-800-356-9918 for more information, or to find the distributor nearest you.
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