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Guaranteed Welds:

SuperCut Bandsaw Co., Inc. guarantees the welds on all of our bandsaw blades, even including our 1/8" scrolling blade and the .014 Three Wheeler bandsaw blades. SuperCut will reweld at no charge any broken SuperCut bandsaw blade which is returned to our plant. We will prepay the repaired blade back to you. All SuperCut bandsaw blades are of the best quality, made in the USA, to exact American standards. You cannot buy a better blade than a SuperCut bandsaw blade.


Guaranteed Quality:

SuperCut bandsaw blades, which prove to be defective in material or workmanship upon examination by the factory, will be repaired or replaced without charge provided that the purchaser returns the product (together with sales receipt showing place and date of purchase) to the factory.


SuperCut Bandsaw Co., Inc. maintains a toll free number (1-800-356-9918) to connect you with our trained experts to help you with any bandsaw or scroll saw blade problems that may arise. Just give us a call M-F 8-5 Pacific Time, and we will do our best to assist you.