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"The Three Wheeler" BANDSAW BLADES

(Actual Size of Package: 7 7/8" x 9 5/8")

"The Three Wheeler" bandsaw blade is a special blade for your 2 or 3 wheel tabletop bandsaw. Blade breakage and poor blade performance are common problems with these small saws. These problems are caused by the extreme flexing of the blade caused by the small size of the wheels that the blade runs on and the high speeds normally used. That is why SuperCut has designed "The Three Wheeler." This blade is made of a special material that is thinner and tougher with special heat treating to enable it to withstand the sharp flexing and high speeds. Try this blade on your saw - you'll be pleased with its performance and longer life. And of course, it also carries our standard warranty on every weld.

"The Three Wheeler" is available in any length between 50" and 85", with the following widths and tooth patterns:


Widths (thickness)

3/16" (.014)

1/4" (.014)

3/8" (.014)

Tooth Patterns

8 H, 14 R

6 H, 14 R, 24 R

6 H, 14 R, 24 R

(H = Hook, R = Raker)

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