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(Actual Size of Package: 7 7/8" x 9 5/8")

This is a special resaw blade that utilizes a new hybrid design cutting edge. The teeth are made with a positive hook shape with sharper points for an improved cutting action, while the gullets between the teeth have a skip type design. This design improves on the sawdust removal in a long or thick cut.

The SuperCut Hawc Pro Resaw Blade is an excellent all around blade for resawing up to 12" thick. It will last longer and cut straighter than conventional bandsaw blades due to its special design and induction hardened teeth.

The Hawc Pro is available in any length, 1/2" width, .025" thickness, and 3 teeth per inch.

You will find that you can cut much straighter by using SuperCut BladeSaver Guide Blocks in your saw, as these blocks can be run with zero clearance on the blade, thus guiding the blade in a much straighter line.

Call 1-800-356-9918 for more information, or to find the distributor nearest you.
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