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(Actual Size of Packages: 4 1/2" x 8"; Note: This is only a partial representation of the kits we have available.)

SuperCut BladeSaver Guide Block Kits are self-lubricating and can be run with zero clearance on the blade. They are completely non-abrasive so that they will not dull the blade or disturb the set, even when they are in direct contact with the teeth.

With narrow blades (such as a 1/8" wide blade), the blade is held between the guide blocks, instead of trying to grip the back edge of the blade as with standard metal guide blocks.

SuperCut BladeSaver Guide Blocks are also very beneficial for use on wider blades because they can be run with zero clearance against the blade without having to leave a gap between the block and the blade as with conventional steel blocks. This provides better support for the blade, allowing for a much straighter cut.

BladeSaver Guide Block Kits are Skin Packed 4 blocks per card - enough for one saw. Kits are available for most popular saws, such as the various imports, Delta, Shopsmith, Craftsman, Walker-Turner, etc.

Call 1-800-356-9918 for more information, or to find the distributor nearest you.
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